Some top-ranking politicians of the Congress, the TDP, the BJP, and the CPI called on the bereaved family of Bethala Kantha Suneela here on Saturday and conveyed their sympathies while promising to do their best for the safety of women and Dalits.

Rural Development Minister D. Manikya Vara Prasada Rao and Rajya Sabha member J.D. Seelam represented the Congress.

Sobha Hymavathi, State president of Telugu Mahila, expressed condolences on behalf of the TDP.

The BJP had sent no less a person than its all-India general secretary P. Muralidhar Rao to console the victims of the dastardly crime and CPI State secretary K. Narayana himself reached out to the grief-stricken family.

Feeling of insecurity

On the occasion, Mr. Manikya Vara Prasada Rao said Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy had taken note of the offence which heightened the sense of insecurity among women, and assured Suneela’s family that justice would be delivered soon by fast-tracking the criminal proceedings.

Mr. Muralidhar Rao demanded that a memorial be built for Suneela, who bravely fought the miscreants but laid down her life in the process. Besides, a rehabilitation centre for women should be set up.

While making these demands, Mr. Muralidhar Rao said the Suneela incident was a slap in the face of the State government.

Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj would raise the issue of deteriorating law and order scenario in Andhra Pradesh, with particular reference to the plight of women and Dalits, in the next session of Parliament.

Another major problem that the BJP would highlight was the terrorist menace faced by Hyderabad.

Ms. Hymavathi said it was the State government’s failure in maintaining law and order and the lack of deterrent punishment that emboldened the ruffians.

What happened in Tenali was an affront to democracy.