The toll fee at three toll plazas on NH-7 within Adilabad district has increased marginally from midnight on Tuesday.

Annual exercise

The increase has been effected following the annual exercise for revision of toll fee undertaken by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

The three toll plazas are located at Pipparwada, close to Adilabad-Maharashtra border near Penganga, Roll Mamda in Neredigonda mandal and Gamjal in Nirmal mandal very near the district’s border with Nizamabad on Godavari river. According to an official of the toll collection agency, the rise in fee is minimal and works out between Rs.5 and Rs.15 of about five to seven per cent of the existing rates.

Minimal increase

A four wheeler will now pay Rs.95 instead of Rs.90 at the Roll Mamda toll plaza for a return journey.

The toll fee was higher last year but was lowered considerably in early January this year.