Of late, actor-turned-politicians have been adding glamour to electioneering but robbing it of its purpose. Immature and impractical, they are blissfully ignorant of the mighty wisdom of the commoner to see through their tinsel tricks. Their electioneering has touched a new low as it is marked by character assassination.

While Roja’s allegations that PRP chief Chiranjeevi and his brother Pawan Kalyan have exploited young artistes are nauseating to say the least, equally disgusting is the reaction of Sobha Rani of the PRP regarding the private life of Ms. Roja. A junior artiste apes his grandfather’s cine mannerisms simply to play to the gallery while another bared his chest and even quaffed toddy to show off his solidarity with the masses. They are preachy and utopian. It is high time these artistes realised that they are not cut out for cutthroat politics.

S.M. Kompella


Broadcast devotional songs

All India Radio-Vijayawada used to broadcast devotional songs, sayings and psalms in the morning. In general, people prefer to listen to such musical notes. Unfortunately, the studio has put an end to this age-old tradition and is relaying cricket commentary, which is unpleasant. The devotional music should be resumed.

G. Shanti Kiran


Check sound pollution

Chanting mantras and other tenets through mikes is causing a lot of sound pollution. It has come to such a pass that people in the vicinity are finding it difficult to live in peace. Law enforcing authorities should act in the larger interest of the public.

N.V. Rama Rao


Railway line an empty promise

The proposal for construction of a railway line between Kakinada and Pithapuram has been hanging fire since 60 years. We constituted the passengers’ association and resorted to agitation, which resulted in drawing the attention of then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who then sent two Railway Ministers – Shah Nawaz Khan in 1960 and S.V. Ramaswamy in 1961.

In the last decade, local MPs promised to get the project implemented but they remained empty promises. Sitting MP and Union Minister of State M.M. Pallam Raju persuaded me to end fast last year, saying that he would get the project kick-started in six months. But nothing happened. I am afraid we have to launch another hunger strike to spur the Ministry to act on the issue.

S.S. Krishnaji