A dispute over repayment of a loan among rag-pickers led to the killing of three-year-old girl, Renuka, near Nayudupeta railway station on Saturday morning.

Babu, 28, a rag-picker hailing from Bihar, was accused of eliminating the girl to take revenge against the girl’s father, Kartheek, for not repaying a Rs.20,000 loan and also for beating him when he asked him to repay it.

Hail from north

CI C. Manikya Rao said that the girl’s family, also hailing from North India, were all rag-pickers who stayed near Nayudupeta railway station and also sometimes under the flyover at Atmakur bus stand in Nellore.

The dispute was over the repayment of loan, which was taken by Kartheek six months ago.

Bearing a grudge, Babu allegedly picked up the girl and took her to a corner where he hit her with a brick, resulting in her death.

A case has been registered and investigation is on.

Dispute among

rag-pickers about repayment of loan leads to killing