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Notes in the denomination of Rs.500 and Rs.100, worth Rs.1,60,700 seized

NIZAMABAD: The One Town police nabbed three persons charged with indulging in the manufacture of counterfeit currency at Weekly Bazaar and Vinayak Nagar in the town on Thursday evening.

Fake notes in the denomination of Rs.500 and Rs.100, all worth Rs.1,60,700, one computer, scanner, printer and its accessories, a Maruthi Esteem car and 15 porno VCDs were recovered from their possession.

Presenting the accused T. Digambar, Jangeti Ramesh and T. Ramesh Reddy at a press conference, here on Friday, the Deputy SP K.Anjaneyulu said the police arrested them acting on a tip-off that the duo Digambar and Ramesh were in possession of fake notes.


The complainant B. Durga Krishna informed the police that he had seen a hundred rupee note which he suspected to be fake with the duo who were then sitting at a toddy compound.

On interrogation they revealed that they got the notes from their friend Ramesh Reddy of Vinayak Nagar.

The police immediately caught Ramesh Reddy, when he was travelling to his home in Maruthi Esteem car.


He confessed to the crime and said that he printed the counterfeit notes with the help of computer, printer and scanner.

He exchanged the fake notes through his friends at toddy compounds, bars, busy vegetable markets, shops and gambling places especially during nights.

The deputy SP said Ramesh Reddy was a professional gambler.

Earlier, he used to make porn CDs and labels and clandestinely sold them to acquainted persons. In the process he got the idea of making counterfeit notes.

For the last six months he was exchanging them in Kamareddy, Banswada, Bodhan, Armoor and Nizamabad areas.

Superintendent of Police B.L. Sujatha Rao commended the good work done by circle inspector N. Lakshminarayana, sub-inspector S. Lakshminarayana, the ID party police and RCCS team, led respectively by Dhoop Singh and Mahmood.