A. Saye Sekhar

HYDERABAD: Imagine your vehicle rising by six inches as if the wheels were its toes? Thrilled?

But it is a hair-rising reality.

The new 9400 series of Volvo buses, fitted with amazing features, have a capacity to rise up to six inches for better ground clearance whenever they stumble upon a speed-breaker or a rumble strip with the push of just a button on the console.

Qutbuddin, one of the drivers specially trained to operate the bus, said here on Thursday, the four new switches were embedded on the console to add four add-on features. The other three switches too have interesting features.

One of them would provide anti-skid characteristic to the wheels when the bus travels in rain. Another button ensures that the vehicle doesn’t slide in the reverse direction.

One more button keeps the engine revved up while scaling up a gradient.

The bus also has a hydraulic retarder which helps the driver bring it to a halt in a fraction of a second without the passengers feeling any jerk. If the bus has to suddenly halt, the driver just has to flip the retarder.