Staff Reporter

Boy kidnapped from Banjara Hills

  • Involvement of a woman suspected
  • Two-year-old Aatif is son of a tailor

    HYDERABAD: In a re-run of the recent abduction of two boys, an unidentified woman has kidnapped a two-year-old boy Aatif from Banjara Hills on Tuesday.

    The abduction, third in past three weeks in the city, came as a jolt to the police as they were already struggling to trace the other two kidnapped boys -- Chandu Singh from Jubilee Hills on February 6 and Esu Babu from Madhapur 12 days later. A massive hunt has been launched for the young woman clad in a Punjabi dress believed to be responsible for all the three abductions. Aatif was youngest of tailor Mohd. Yousuf's three children.

    Takes them to bakery

    Aatif was playing with his sister Neha, 8, and brother Kashif, 3, when the woman approached them around noon. She took the children to a bakery in the corner of the street and bought snacks for them.

    While Kashif went inside the house carrying the snacks, she took the other two children with her and boarded an autorickshaw parked a few metres away. On reaching Maithrivanam complex in Ameerpet, she asked Neha to get down and went away in the vehicle along with Aatif. With the help of passers-by, Neha rang up her father on his mobile phone and informed him about the incident.