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Tadvai forest area is considered a safe zone by the naxalites

Patel Sudhakar Reddy is a native of Kurtiravula Charuvu village in Mahabubnagar district

He is the lone Maoist leader hailing from the district who reached the top post

TADVAI (WARANGAL DT.): The naxalites chose a difficult terrain, steep and 300 foot high Gaurappa hillocks probably holding a meeting to strengthen the party base which is on the wane. But, they could not sense the lurking danger and as a result two top Maoist naxals – Patel Sudhakar Reddy, a master strategist and Komati Venkataiah, key man in the State committee lost their lives while others escaped sliding the rocky hillocks.

Crossing the stream carrying crystal clear waters perhaps beginning at an unknown spring in the wild forests surrounding the hillocks near Lavvala village in Tadvai mandal, the special party police went on hunting for the naxals on credible information. Trekking the hard tracts in the wee hours of Sunday, the police spotted the camping naxals on the plain area above the hillocks and suddenly exchanged fire with them. The police say about 20 to 25 naxals were meeting then and most of them left their kitbags and a weapon and managed to escape.

The Tadvai forest area is considered as a safe zone by the naxals though an encounter took place on the same hillocks near Lavvala village in the past. They could spot anyone coming. The spot is located five kilometres away from the unpaved road that connected the Tadvai mandal headquarters and small hamlets Lavvala and Bandhala and other habitations in the thick forest.

Wanted in 11 cases

Mahabubnagar Correspondent adds: Patel Sudhakar Reddy (41) Maoist central committee member who was killed in an encounter at Lauvala forest in Thadwai mandal of Warangal district in the early hours of Sunday is involved in eleven cases that took places in the district.

A native of Kurtiravula Charuvu village in Maldakal mandal in Mahabubnagar district, Patel Sudhakar Reddy was the third son of Patel Venkatram reddy and Bojjamma and studied in the district up to degree. He completed his fourth standard in his native village. Later he studied at ZPHS, Maldakal upto SSC.

He did intermediate and degree (BSc) at Gadwal where he was attracted towards Radical Students Union. He has done his M.A at Osmania University where he actively participated in radical movement. Later he joined Law College at Raichur but discontinued in 2nd year and went under ground in 1986. Patel Sudhakar Reddy was not directly involved in any action of PWG Maoists in the district but attended every training camp of PWG and Maoists that was held in Nallamalla forests since he went under ground.

He used to give military training apart from political classes to the cadre. Sudhakar Reddy was PWG district committee secretary of Nalgonda district when Paradesi Naidu, the then SP of Mahabubnagar district and eleven persons were killed by planting landmine near Somasila in the district in 1993.

It is suspected that Sudhakar Reddy was one of the important person in hatching the plan. Sudhakar Reddy was the lone Maoist leader hailing from Mahabubnagar district who reached the top post in the party.