Last year, more than 27 lakh visitors came here for a day out. And this clearly takes the sprawling Nehru Zoological Park to the top of most favoured leisure zones of the city.

Spread across 380 acres, the zoo has more than 1,460 animals, birds and reptiles placed in different zones.

A visitor can also take a safari ride to sight a lion, tiger, bear and gaur. A toy train is also an additional attraction.


Once you cross the traffic chaos, the drive turns pleasant.

Located about 18 km from the city near the Himayathsagar lake, the Mrugavani National Park is spread across 1,100 acres of real wild growth with amazing flora and fauna.

The national park has a visitor’s zone carved out in about 10 hectare with appropriate shades, seating arrangement and to have a leisurely walk around. To get inside the forest area, a safari ride is available at Rs. 5 per person and one gets to travel for about 8 km amid the thick foliage on a narrow track.

According to last year census, Mrugavani National Park is home to 512 spotted deer, 40 sambar, 152 peafowl, 100 wild boar apart from other species such as monitor lizard and hare.

It also has a good collection of plants with last count documenting more than 600 different plant species and 138 medicinal plant species. The park has two cottages for family day stay costing Rs.300.

T. Lalit Singh