Think of Complete Water Storage solutions, and the name that naturally comes to ones mind is Aqua Tech, the undisputed leader in water tanks...Aqua Tech has always been the customer favourite across South India, thanks to the elevated quality levels that set them far ahead of the competition.

The highly durable Aquatech Gold water tanks, the most important brand among the Aquatech stable, has already become a market leader. The tanks have a capacity of 200 to 5000 litres. Another important product from the Aquatech stable known as Aquatech Loft is available in 150, 225 and 270 litres. The company has always upheld its commitment to customer satisfaction. And this is best exemplified by the Aqua Tech Gold tanks that have won the ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Apart from this, Aquatech has also won the coveted ISO 9000:2001 certification from RINA and is a member of the Association of Rotational Molders International. Incidentally, Aqua Tech is South India’s one and only ISI certified water tank with double layer for up to 5000 litres. Customers can also choose from the normal Aqua Tech water tanks. Aqua Tech Gold tanks have a number of advantages. One easily distinguishable feature is the extra thickness of the tank’s walls when compared with other tanks. As also the extra whiteness in the tank’s interior surface that helps in maintaining the hygiene of the waters stored. Besides, using the Bi-axial Roto moulding technology ensures even thickness and smoothness for the entire wall surface. The company even provides an amazing 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects for these tanks.

Outer surface of Aqua Tech’s wall is protected with Magic Black special ultra violet additive to ensure longer life. The inner wall with White coating enables us to observe the purity of the water stored and can be easily cleaned as the inside surface is very smooth.

An interesting aspect of this water tank is that you can increase its capacity as your need increases. All you have to do is buy a new similar tank and interconnect it with the existing tank using a pipe. Since Aqua Tech can be tightly closed, dirt, insects and pests are prevented from entering inside. As direct sunlight is kept out, growth of moss / fungus / algae etc. are prevented.

The tank being light in weight, it can be moved about with ease. For people who frequently shift places it is truly a blessing. The tanks are easy to install as well; anyone with a basic knowledge of plumbing can do that in minutes.