Solution to puzzle 10765


1Victorian quotation regarding lack of entertainment (2,3,3,6)

10Misplaced hat in Long Island club (5)

11He explores caves while punk reels drunkenly (9)

12One embraced by merciful Christian (7)

13Guided a spirited horse without hesitation (7)

14Either Thomas or George could be the Leslie Charteris character (5)

16Routed partisans anxious to advance their position (9)

19Sweet bunch of flowers (9)

20Starling sitting in tree gives song (5)

22Curiously examines a missing grand inquisitor (7)

25Fish for disgusting insects exchanging right for left (7)

27Zero distribution for chemical treatment of water (9)

28Habituate one northern river (5)

29Is Rupert Murdoch old-fashioned? (6,3,5)


2Past strain could be a stretch (9)

3Hundred leave ickier alternative healing technique (5)

4Futons are in disarray in this Dracula adaptation (9)

5Stories heard about measures (5)

6Poor cheese put as more improved! (9)

7Small cannon gets the bird (5)

8Desired rotten insults (7)

9Justifies busy signal (6)

15Make an unsuccessful attempt to convict (3,2,4)

17Preferred union weapon is insolence (9)

18Shed for tidy bovines (9)

19Conceited dandy; leader of eight attains crest (7)

21One who makes amorous advances with a kitchen utensil? (6)

23Cadge enthusiastic but pointless kiss (5)

24Change dress (5)

26Bengali bigamist partly claimed he was elsewhere at the time (5)