Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: DNA fingerprinting is being used more commonly in investigating crimes and settling paternity or maternity suits, but it was not all that easy when the science was just about developing for Dr. Lalji Singh.

He recalls being "insulted, shouted at, derided, questioned about its veracity" by eminent criminal lawyers and treated with much doubt by the judiciary! "I was issued an arrest warrant for not completing a report within a couple of days in Beant Singh assassination case," he said.

Though he tried telling the court he needed some time to complete the report it was not taken seriously in the beginning, but his report conclusively proved identity of the human bomb. Another celebrated case was of a paternity suit filed by a woman from Kerala, who was cheated by a businessman.

"She read about DNA finger printing in a Malayalam magazine and informed the court, but none in the court had heard about it," he laughs. Anyway, he could establish the identity of the father of the baby and the verdict was upheld by the High Court too. "The judgement came when I least expected it. I got great pleasure as DNA fingerprinting was accepted finally. No criminal or a rapist is safe now. We have developed `single locus probe' useful in creating database of convicted criminals and useful in cases of multiple rape," he said.