The fourth endowment lecture in the memory of human rights crusader K. Balagopal was held at Kakatiya University on Tuesday in the Senate Hall.

Professor at Centre for Political Studies of New Delhi, JNU, Gopal Guru, delivered the lecture on “Who is a Dalit: An Enquiry into Social discourse.” Dalit is not a caste-related term but a sociologically constituted one, Dr. Gopal Guru said.

Not only people who were subjected to social injustice, but also those fighting against it such as Balagopal, were discriminated against. It was a term associated with practice rather than birth.

“In this aspect Balagopal is a true Dalit. He wrote, spoke and practiced social justice throughout his life,” Dr. Gopal Guru said.

Dalits could be understood on the basis two criteria – truth and meaning: the previous referred to physical condition while latter the intellectual. A capitalist could never be a Dalit since he exploited his own brothers, he said. Dalit capitalists, Dalit intellectual and Dalit writers had no meaning in the real context, he said. Making a comparison, he said that the term Scheduled Caste was constituted by the State and disciplined by the State while Harijan came under patronising category.

The book entitled “Reservation lo Prajaswamya Drukpatham”, a collection of Telugu articles of K. Balagopal, was released.

University Vice-Chancellor B. Venkat Rathnam advised the students to emulate Balagopal. Dr. Haragopal said that Hyderabad Perspectives published 49 books to propagate the ideology of Balagopal.