Vijayawada Division of South Central Railway has arranged for a halt for the following trains for a period of four days from January 13 to 16 at Peddautapalli, near Gannavaram in Krishna district, for the benefit of pilgrims attending Joseph Thambi Feast.

Accordingly, the following trains will stop for two minutes: 1) Train No. 57231 Vijayawada-Kakinada Passenger will arrive/depart Peddautapalli station at 5.59 p.m./6.01 p.m. 2) Train No. 57232 Kakinada-Vijayawada Passenger will arrive/depart at the station at 8.36 a.m. /08.38 a.m. 3) Train No. 17239 Guntur-Visakhapatnam Express will arrive/depart at Peddautapalli at 09.54 a.m./09.56 a.m. and 4) Train No. 17240 Visakhapatnam-Guntur Express will arrive/depart at the station at 12.41 p.m./12.43 p.m.