Parts of the State are in for power cuts for a temporary period of a few days as the APTransco lost an installed capacity of 1,420 MW suddenly on Wednesday following outages of six thermal and gas-based stations due to technical and other problems, four of them belonging to AP Genco.

The stations where power generation came to a standstill were Kakatiya (500 MW), Kothagudem Thermal Power Station's units II and VII (both 180 MW), Rayalaseema Thermal Power Station (200 MW) and the private plants of Lanco (100 MW) and Konaseema (380 MW). All these stations account for 1,260 MW while 160 MW was lost from the merchant plant of Jindal which sells power to the Transco.

A Transco official said the problems of these plants would be rectified and generation resumed by March 12. The outage of the installed capacity of 1,420 MW would correspond to a loss of 36.5 million units a day. The loss was being made up to some extent by stepping up generation at hydro-electric stations, particularly at Srisailam.

He said the power demand in the State was hovering around 254 mu a day these days, the highest in its history. Despite purchase of power from external sources out of an installed capacity of 1,000 MW, shortage arose due to outages. APTransco appealed to the consumers in the State to cope with the temporary load-shedding that might be implemented at local level.