Twin cities shivered under a pall of extremely cold weather as temperature plummeted to sub-normal on Thursday.

The minimum temperature at 8.03°C on Thursday was lesser by nearly six degrees than the 13.9°C recorded on the previous day, and by over nine degrees than that recorded on Tuesday.

Daytime temperature at 27°C did not prove to be much of a reprieve as dry and cold air blasted ruthlessly into unprotected ears. People wrapped themselves in woollen clothing, mufflers and scarves for protection.

The chilly weather will prevail for two more days in the region, with no further fall in minimum temperatures, Director of the Hyderabad Meteorological Centre M.Satyakumar informed. He attributed the drastic change in weather to the cold wave from Vidarbha region.

Minimum temperature on Thursday lesser by nearly six degrees than that recorded on previous day