The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders lashed out at K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his party stating that he was trying to drag the issue till 2014 elections to gain political mileage.

TDP leaders K Srihari, A Baswa Reddy, G Sudha Rani and others said instead of putting pressure on the Congress party, the TRS leaders were blaming the TDP. “We have been demanding that the Central government convene all party meeting on the Telangana issue. Why is KCR not making the same demand? He does not want a solution but elections to come. He wants to make money and gain politically,” Mr. Srihari said.

True colours

Appealing to people of the region to understand the true colours and commitment of the political parties on separate Telangana issue, Mr Srihari said the TDP had already given a letter of support and has been asking the Centre to convene all party meeting. No other party in the State was as clear as the TDP. The Congress never took a stand but the TRS does not mind it. “Why the TRS does not question the Congress over this important issue,” Mr. Srihari sought to know.

The TDP leader pointed out that several leaders in the region, particularly in Warangal district would be joining YSR Congress soon, which would spell doom to the separate Telangana movement. People should be careful about such mass migration of leaders into the parties that are against the Telangana movement.

“Those who spoke vociferously for separate Telangana are preparing to join the YSRC. Now there is threat to the movement as there would be no leader who can speak about the issue,” Mr Srihari pointed out.

He described the mass migration of leaders from one party to other, particularly into the YSRC as those influenced by caste, money and power factors and the trend was not good for democracy, he added.