A book in Telugu ‘US Degreelu US Visalu - Rendu Metlu Oka Shikharam’ (US Degrees US Visas - Two Steps A Pinnacle), aimed at enhancing awareness levels among students and others about US visas and US degrees, was released by UGC member and Chairman of Recruitment and Assessment Centre, DRDO, D.N. Reddy, here on Thursday.

Prof. Reddy, who released the book along with Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Editorial Director, Sakshi Telugu daily, explained the various aspects of higher education in the USA and the opportunities it provides apart from mystery surrounding the visas.

He spoke on why Indian students preferred US education compared to universities in Europe.

Easy availability of part-time jobs during education and relatively higher chances of employment immediately after education compared to European countries were the prime reasons, he said.

Authored by Koteswara Rao Maganti, former Media Advisor at US Consulate General, Chennai, the book will be useful to students, particularly from the rural areas, wanting to go to the US for higher education.

“It is not a guide but will provide guidance to students busting myths about US visas and drive away the apprehensions and misconceptions,” said the author, who worked in the US Consulate for nearly 25 years. Chief Editor of The Hans India and HMTV K. Ramachandra Murthy, who wrote the foreword, appreciated the effort.

It will provide guidance to students and drive away their misconceptions about US visa, says author Koteswara Rao Maganti