Teacher couples, individuals get stay orders

Teachers question the procedure adopted

HYDERABAD: The Government’s plans to implement the G.O. 610 and transfer the non-locals to their respective areas seems to be running into trouble with every teacher transferred moving the courts and getting a stay order.

Teachers are questioning the procedure adopted for transfers that has affected more teachers in the Telangana area than those from Andhra or Rayalseema area whose transfer the Telangana activists have been demanding for. In the list of teachers identified as non-locals in Hyderabad district nearly 80 per cent of them belong to Telangana districts. Similar is the case with Ranga Reddy district.

“The idea of asking the implementation of G.O. 610 was to ensure that employees from Andhra and Rayalseema, regions who were absorbed in excess to the ratio determined for non-locals, were transferred. But now the teachers from Telangana region are suffering,” said B. Mohan Reddy, Legislative Council member.

He said the Government could have avoided this by first transferring teachers who were willing to shift to their native areas.

He said several teachers were in favour of leaving Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts given a chance. “Nearly 80 per cent of the problem would have been solved through this method and for the remaining the Government could have used the roster system as is being used now,” he said.

The transfers have even affected several teacher couples who are now forced to go to different districts. Mr. Mohan Reddy said teachers would invariably move the courts and get stay orders.

So far 42 teacher couples have got stay orders apart from several individuals.

Those dissatisfied with the method adopted for identifying non-locals will approach the courts and in the process teaching would come to a stand still. “Neither the Government will be satisfied nor the teachers.”

Former president of PRTU and MLC, Paturu Sudhakar Reddy said the Government should be considerate about teacher couples. Affected teachers who came in large numbers to the Directorate of School Education are particular angry over leaders of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) who were vocal in demanding the implementation of G.O. 610 but now are nowhere to be seen when teachers from Telangana area are affected.

However, school education officials make it clear that as per Presidential Order district is treated as a unit and region cannot be treated as a unit for preparing the list of non-locals.