Many technicians from Telangana making a living in SMEs here: AMA president

The technicians and mechanics of Jawahar Autonagar and Vijayawada Industrial Estate feel that their counterparts in Telangana region will be the worst hit in the event of bifurcation of the State.

In the Autonagar and in the Industrial Estate there are more than 2,000 SMEs and over one lakh mechanics and technicians make a living and many are from the Telangana region.

They not only work here but there is a huge floating population of technicians on a weekly basis from the Telangana region, since Vijayawada is the hub for heavy and medium-sized transport.

“They do not want the bifurcation, as they understand the economic fallout better than the politicians, who have vested interests,” said Autonagar Mechanic Association President Kamilli Satyanarayana.

He further added, “Neither did we discriminate them at any point of time. Many have joined our stir.”

The Jawahar Autonagar and Industrial Estate has about 13 recognised associations representing various trades and crafts and they have come together to lend their support to the ongoing agitation called for Samiakyandhra by the APNGOs.

“We have decided to pledge our support to the APNGOs and one association would take up relay fast on each day till the CWC (Congress Working Committee rolls back its decision. We are losing out on business, but we are doing it for a just cause- the unity of the state,” said Mr. Satyanarayana.