Every ‘marked' leader and activist has three undercover constables, says police official

In the good old game of spying, Adilabad police seem to have found an effective way to deal with agitations. For the first time, pro-Telangana leaders are being ‘tailed' by undercover policemen to keep a watch on their activities related with separate Telangana movement.

A three-day spying exercise was launched on March 8 in connection with the Million March of Telangana protagonists. Policemen are to ‘shadow' important leaders belonging to Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) even at mandal level until March 10.

“Every ‘marked' leader and activist has three undercover men, usually unfamiliar constables, assigned round-the-clock. These policemen keep a track of every movement of their ‘quarry' during the period only to facilitate stopping him in his tracks,” reveals a police officer about the latest in agitation control methodology.

The police also kept tabs on booking of private buses and jeeps and RTC bus reservations to Hyderabad made by the identified leaders and their followers. This helped in detaining the agitators before they could set on the journey. A few policemen have been put on duty at inter district bus stations and railway stations in Hyderabad to identify possible trouble mongers who could have managed to reach the destination. Some were already in the capital city on similar duty to be performed during the current session of the Legislative Assembly.

Preventive arrests

The elaborate activity of spying may be new, but preventive arrests were made part of the game since the start of the separate State movement. It has become an act of convenience for both — police and the agitators. If the police find preventive arrests to be useful in keeping away impending trouble, the ‘unwilling' protagonists see in it a way to escape. “The latter prefer getting arrested to avoid participating in agitations,” says the police officer.

  • Policemen put on duty at inter district bus stations, railway stations in Hyderabad
  • ‘Unwilling protagonists prefer getting arrested to avoid participating in agitations'