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Chandrasekhar Rao asks people to be ready for a mass movement

WARANGAL: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K. Chandrasekhar Rao has said the party would settle the Telangana issue with the Congress in the next two or three months, and exhorted people to be prepared for another mass movement.

Mr. Rao urged the youth to enrol in the Telangana Jagarana Sena in a big way as the party planned to organise a public meeting 'Maha Sainik Sammelan' with one lakh members in Hyderabad shortly.

The TRS leader apprised the party cadre of the important developments since the emergence of the party. He asked them not to believe in contradicting statements being issued by Congress leaders in the State. "There is no Congress Government at the Centre. It is a coalition of different parties. We are in touch with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. The issue is included in the Common Minimum Programme and we will achieve our goal in a democratic way," Mr. Rao said.

Tremendous response

The response to the meeting was tremendous and over 10,000 party cadre from Khammam, Warangal and Karimnagar attended the meeting. Party leaders described it as a success.

"Can anybody stop Telangana till KCR is alive?" Mr. Rao asked the cheering crowd.

The party will finally sit with Congress leaders at the Centre to know whether they would introduce the bill. Otherwise, the TRS would come out of the coalition and go to the people again. Before the party took a decision to come out of the coalition, it desired to prepare the cadre at the grassroots level to intensify the movement, in a big way this time.

"Telangana people are not crying for development as being uttered by Congress leaders. The people here want self respect and self rule," Mr. Rao said. Referring to the dissidence in the party, the TRS president wanted people to pressure the ''betrayers'' of the Telangana movement to resign from the Legislative Assembly. Senior leader A. Narendra too tried to explain the ''game plan'' of Congress leaders, and urged people to rally behind KCR till the goal was achieved. "The movement has reached a crucial stage. The anti-Telangana forces are out to create confusion and seduce our own party leaders. Individuals are not important but the spirit among the people is important," he said.