Lok Satta president Jayaprakash Narayan has written to President Pranab Mukherjee, asking him to ensure that the consent of the State Legislature be taken before the Bill on Telangana was introduced in Parliament as per Article 3 of the Constitution.

‘Threat to


The determined efforts of the Central government and its repeated assertions that the State would be divided irrespective of the State legislature’s views posed a grave danger to federalism and unity of the country, Mr. Narayan said.

He recalled that the State was formed in 1956 with the prior consent of the then legislatures of both Andhra and Hyderabad.

‘Being divided

without consent’

Several States were formed earlier but this was the first time when a major State was sought to be divided without the consent of its legislature and a negotiated settlement reached among the stakeholders.

The Punchi Commission of 2010 observed that it was rarely possible for Parliament to ignore the views of the States in practice.

In effect, the Central government could not concede to the demands of regional groups and communities for a separate State, unless such a proposal was received from the States where the groups were located.