Survey of their socio-economic conditions sought

The Srikakulam District Telaga Samkshema Sangham on Thursday urged the government to appoint a commission for Backward Classes immediately to conduct a detailed survey of the socio-economic conditions of the community in the State. Association president Rokkam Suryaprakash Rao, general secretary Sevvana Umamaheswara Rao, and town unit president Dwarapu Ajitkumar expressed concern over the delay in inclusion of the Telaga community in the Backward Classes because over 90 per cent of the people in the community were below the poverty line and some of them were leading a pathetic life.

Mr.Surya Prakasha Rao said Telagas had been in the BC list till 1962 but successive governments had put them in the upper caste list denying them benefits.

“The government ordered a private study to know the conditions of Telaga, Kapu, Balija and Ontari communities by allocating Rs.12 lakh. This amount is not sufficient. Justice can be done to these communities with a full-fledged survey of the BC Commission. That is why we are insisting on immediate appointment of the commission,” he added.

Association leaders Mutta Rambabu, Tripurana Ramachandra Rao, and Sidda Jagadish thanked the government for taking the initiative by ordering a sample survey and they hoped that the government would include their community in the BC list.