Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: A teenager made off with gold jewellery weighing 1.5 kg and Rs. 1.5 lakh belonging to an ornament maker after entering a jewellery shop pretending to be a customer at Pot Market in Secunderabad on Tuesday.

Visuals recorded by hidden cameras showed the 15-year-old accused of fair complexion sitting on a chair in Saibaba jewellery shop when Malleshwar Rao, 43, of Guntur came there around 8.30 p.m. to collect money for the jewellery he had delivered earlier.

Rao makes gold ornaments at Guntur and supplies them to jewellery shops in different parts of Hyderabad, Market Inspector S. Vinod Kumar said.

After completing his transactions with some jewellery sellers at Shapurnagar and other places, he came to the shop to meet its owner Sunil Kumar Jain. All the while, he kept the bag containing gold ornaments and cash with him, but left it on the table and walked out to answer a mobile phone call. He walked inside after a couple of minutes only to realise the bag was stolen.

Shocked Rao alerted the shop workers who searched their premises and the entire area in vain. They realised the bag was taken away by the stranger, who sat in the shop in the guise of a customer, after examining the visuals. They were clueless who the teenager was.

They did not notice him as he was sitting with other children of the shop owner.