Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Team in Hyderabad as part of 5-city tour to promote emergency management

Team lauds progress made by EMRIAmbulances come in for praiseHopes for nationally-accessible EM number as in the US

HYDERABAD: A 10-member team of experts from the American Academy for Emergency Medicine in India (AAEMI) has expressed satisfaction with the functioning of `108' run by the Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI).

The AAEMI is here on a three-day visit as part of a five-city tour in India to promote awareness on emergency management (EM) as a prelude to INTEX 2006, a conference on EM to be held in New Delhi in November. Michelle H. Biros, Research Director, Department of EM in Minneapolis and Tamara Thomas, Director, International EM, California, were both in Hyderabad for a similar conference earlier when it was called EMCON.

Indrani Sheridan and Kumar Alagappan, president and board member respectively of AAEMI expressed the hope that the thinkers, policy-makers and people with the initiative to make things happen will bring all agencies currently handling EM - both private and public, on a common platform and offer Indians a nationally-accessible number on the lines of `911' in the US.

AAEMI currently has about 100 active members who volunteer with educational, training and academics in EM. Members hail from over a dozen nations and the primary criteria of their coming together and working out of shared office in Pennsylvania is a passion for developing EM in India.

The visiting team spent time in a training session for EM doctors and emergency management technicians at the EMRI's facility on the outskirts, assisted by EMRI Ceo Venkat Changavalli and Lead Partner Anil Jampala. They also discussed ways and means of improving a system, which they said had made phenomenal progress in a very short of span of time.