K. Venkateshwarlu

Bring pressure on the party leadership to implement ‘one man one post’ principle

‘Same seniors’ eyeing all posts of legislative wing

Naidu holds meetings with juniors and seniors

HYDERABAD: Young first and second time MLAs in the Telugu Desam Party are stated to be building lot of pressure on the leadership to implement ‘one man one post’ principle essentially to see that the ‘same seniors’ do not corner all the posts of the legislative wing.

Sources said in a well-calibrated effort, these young MLAs had raised the issue during the Telugu Desam Legislature Party meetings on Wednesday and Thursday and presided over by Leader of the Opposition N. Chandrababu Naidu.


To build further pressure, some of them were believed to have deliberately abstained from the meeting on Thursday, to convey their feelings. These articulate MLAs, who were hoping to get plum posts in the event of the party returning to power, were peeved by the way these seniors, who enjoyed Minister posts earlier, were angling for legislative posts again.

Far from taking responsibility for the party’s rout and making way for younger legislators, these seniors who continued to be Polit Bureau members were now eyeing posts of deputy leaders and secretaries, they said.

Lobbying hard

At least two Polit Bureau members -- Nagam Janardhan Reddy and Erabelli Dayakar Rao -- are lobbying hard for the Cabinet rank post of the Public Accounts Committee chairmanship.

Dr. Reddy, who is in race for the deputy leader’s post too, claims he had all the qualifications citing the way he had raised Yellampalli project issue in the previous Public Accounts Committee meetings while Mr. Rao says he should get it at any cost as his rival in the district, Konda Surekha became a Minister.

The strategy of the young MLAs to pressurise the leadership silently seemed to have worked with Mr. Naidu holding a series of meetings with them and seniors starting with a two-hour long one in his chambers in the Assembly lobbies on Friday.

‘Jumbo’ executive?

These meetings were going on till late on Friday evening but a decision is believed to have been taken to have a ‘jumbo’ executive for the TDLP, basically to give adequate representation to young MLAs.

The tentative plan is to have over 20 member executive comprising four deputy leaders and as many vice-presidents and secretaries.

Eight other posts

In addition there could be eight other posts including whip and treasurer.