The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party is trying to improve its numbers in Assembly and ultimately sell them to the Congress to help in ensuing Rajya Sabha elections, said TDP district president and MLA Revuri Prakash Reddy.

The TDP leaders Prakash Reddy, former MLA Bojjapalli Rajaiah and former MLA Vem Narender Reddy cautioned people of Station Ghanpur Assembly constituency against voting for the TRS party in the forthcoming by-election.

The TRS sold away its MLAs in the last MLC elections for money and the same thing would happen again in the ensuing Rajya Sabha elections. The party has the record of duping people in the name of separate Telangana sentiment every time during the elections.

“The TRS president went to Delhi and disappeared for two hours. Nobody knows where he had gone. After coming to Hyderabad, the employees strike was diluted much against the wishes of the people and employees. Shortly, he got the Polavaram tenders in favour of his friends,” Mr. Prakash Reddy pointed out.

The TRS leaders lacked commitment towards the movement and innocent people have believed them all these years. However, now people realised the true colours of the TRS party, which claimed to be dedicated for the movement has now turned into a political party.

Mr. Prakash Reddy sought to know why the TRS targeted the TDP, which gave a letter in favour of separate Telangana in 2008 and not targeted the Congress party, which only promised but did nothing. Did the TRS party ever raised the problems of people facing the Telangana region in the last one decade?, the TDP leaders wanted to know.

The TDP leaders alleged that TRS MLA T.Harish Rao camped in Station Ghanpur with 500 supporters he brought from Siddipet and was touring the villages as the party nominee T.Rajaiah faced stiff opposition from the villagers. “At several places, villagers openly asked Mr. Rajaiah not to come to their village as he lost the faith of people. However, the TRS wanted to secure votes in the name of sentiment,” they said.

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