Telugu Desam Party Farmers cell president Karnam Balarama Krishnamurthy on Thursday felt that the party's performance in the first round of Gram Panchayat elections augured well for the party.

He told a press conference here that the poll results had come as a morale booster for the party cadre at the grassroots level. He contended that people were fed up with the ruling Congress both at the Centre and in the State, which, he alleged, had failed on all fronts.

People wanted the TDP to return to power in the State, he said, adding that the state very much needed the administrative acumen of TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu to put it back on the path of development, he felt.

Stating that the TDP had won 167 village local-bodies in the first phase in Prakasam district, he exuded confidence to repeat its impressive performance in the second and third phase of Gram Panchayat polls and also in the municipal elections.