Special Correspondent

To hold dharna with the flood victims

KURNOOL: Telugu Desam Party planned a protest on the eve of Chief Minister's visit to Kurnool to highlight the plight of flood victims.

They proposed to hold dharna with the flood victims who did not receive any kind of help from the government till now.


Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, TDP district convener Somisetty Venkateswarlu said around 30,000 persons applied to the Telugu Desam Party that they did not receive help from the government.

The party would present the petitions to the Collector after holding the demonstration. The party asked the petitioners to take part in the demonstration at the Collectorate on the eve of Chief Minister's visit on May 15.

Mr. Venkateswarlu alleged large scale irregularities in the disbursement of help to the victims. According to him some families got Rs. 3,000 as compensation and some Rs. 8,000.

He said a majority of families who left their homes after the flood could not get themselves enumerated. Mr. Venkateswarlu urged the government to allow such families to reapply for the financial assistance. Also, the TDP leader urged the government to sanction an additional Rs. 5,000 for those who received Rs. 3,000 earlier and Rs. 10,000 for those who received Rs. 8,000.

He wanted the government to verify the list of beneficiaries as the families from non-affected areas also received the financial assistance. He wanted to know whether the fraud was committed by the officials or ruling party leaders.