Telugu Desam (TDP) continued to be a divided house with leaders and MLAs from Telangana on one side and Andhra/Rayalaseema on the other, reacting in a contrasting manner to the Srikrishna Committee report.

Telangana Telugu Desam Forum convenor, Nagam Janardhan Reddy made it clear to media persons after a meeting of leaders and legislators from the region, that the only option they would approve was that of restoring pre-1956 status of the State. The only way forward for the Central government was to introduce a bill on separate Telangana in the Parliament instead of wasting time on constituting study committees and merely delaying the process.

He said the report has hit the sentiment of the four crore people of the region, as they only favoured a separate State. Such long cherished desire of the people cannot be suppressed by massive mobilisation of Central and State police forces. The Forum would come up with a detailed response after studying the report.