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Police open fire; one injured as rivals hurl bombs in Rentachintala mandal

Group of 15 armed men attack Vemula Peda Narsiaiah with axes causing injuries on his legsRival groups hurl countrymade bombs at each otherTDP sympathiser injured in attack by rival group

GUNTUR: The sarpanch of Mettagudipadu and his follower, both belonging to Telugu Desam Party, were done to death on Friday night in pre-panchayat poll violence in Rentachintala mandal of Guntur district.

Their bodies were found close to the Nagarjunasagar Project Right Canal. In another incident, a TDP sympathiser was injured when a group of persons belonging to a rival party attacked him with axes, sickles and country bombs at Manchikallu village of the same mandal.

Attacked with axes

According to Gurazala Deputy Superintendent of Police M. Vijay Singh, a group of 15 armed men attacked Vemula Peda Narsiaiah with axes causing injuries on his legs. Later, the groups hurled countrymade bombs at each other. Narsaiah's leg got fractured and he was rushed to hospital.

The police arrived on the spot on learning about the incident and tried to disperse the two warring groups, but when they did not relent the Rentachintala Sub-Inspector of Police fired a round into the air and the groups dispersed.

Some 100 bombs were hurled at each other in the village.

police picket was set up at the village and additional personnel were drawn from the nearby police stations.

The incident was a retaliatory action to a similar one that occurred in September 2005 in which a Congress sympathiser lost his legs at the same place when a group of TDP men attacked him, Mr. Singh added.