Party working on a campaign strategy for civic polls

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which has been hoping to make the most of the anti-incumbency vote in Telangana in the coming municipal and general elections, is keeping its fingers crossed after the Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s (TRS) decision not to merge itself with the ruling party.

“Irrespective of the TRS decision, there will be different scenarios based on whether TRS and Congress will go alone or have an alliance. Going it alone by the two parties is only a remote possibility and in that event we still believe that majority of the anti-incumbency vote will come our way,” senior leader of TDP Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy stated.

Unmindful of the migration of some of its popular leaders in the region, the TDP leadership is working on a campaign strategy based on the development achieved by it in the past. “It will have little impact on municipal elections where local issues, caste and money will play a key role,” another senior leader of TDP from Nizamabad district said.

“We have answers for people both on the development plank and on Telangana sentiment. Nobody can match us on the first issue, while we have much to argue on Telangana issue too. Central Congress leaders including P. Chidambaram and Sushil Kumar Shinde have said it umpteen times that the Centre had taken the Telangana decision based on TDP’s letter,” Mr. Reddy explained.

However, the TDP leader admitted that their calculation could go awry if the Congress and TRS contest the elections without alliance. “We can’t rule out the impact of municipal poll results on general elections too,” he said. In spite of Mr. Chandrasekhar Reddy’s reading of the situation, several TDP leaders in Telangana have developed cold-feet on the party’s prospects in municipal and general elections following the TRS’ decision.

Meanwhile, party president N. Chandrababu Naidu tried to infuse confidence in the party rank and file in Telangana on Tuesday by stating that TDP was not a liquor bottle that could be emptied.

  • Telugu Desam hoping to make the most of the anti-incumbency vote in Telangana

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