The Telugu Desam Party conducted the Panyam constituency meeting to rejuvenate party cadres here on Sunday.

Party Polit Bureau member K.E. Krishna Murthy, former Minister N. Md Farooq, district president Somisetty Venkateswarlu and others were present.

Mr. Krishna Murthy said that the TDP would nominate a suitable candidate for Panyam constituency keeping in view past experiences.

Lack of coordination

The TDP lost in the last election due to lack of coordination and failure to get along with party cadres and alliance partners.

He said the Panyam constituency, which predominantly comprised backward class voters, was a bastion of TDP.

Mr. Somisetty Venkateswarlu said until an in-charge was placed, the district unit of the party would monitor the affairs in the constituency.

He called upon party cadres to work hard in the local bodies’ election which was the basis for the assembly elections.