Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: ‘Kosta Ruchulu', a coastal Andhra food festival, will be conducted at WelcomHotel Grand Bay's Dakshin from Friday to March 21.

The ‘tastes of coastal Andhra' has delectable cuisine of the entire range of ingredients, flavours offering a great opportunity to enjoy authentic dishes from the coastal belt, according to chef Suresh Babu.

“A traditional Andhra meal is served on a banana leaf. The coastal cuisine comprises a diverse selection of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes and this is a result of different food habits among various communities that live along the coast. Each meal is accompanied by curd to provide respite from the hot spices of the food. People residing in coastal areas rely mostly on seafood,” he said.

The menu for vegetarians includes Alasanda Garelu – famous deep-fired black eyed pea mini dumplings served with coconut chutney, Mokkajonna Vadalu – coarsely grounded American corn blended with masala and fried, Anapakai Nuvvula Koora - fresh country gourd cooked with roasted sesame, red chillies and ground masala, Vulava charu - a popular delicious dish made from horse gram, and Vankai panchanagapappu - thick strips of country brinjal cooked with split chick peas and tomatoes.

For non-vegetarians, there are dishes like Kothimeera karamkodi – kadai roast chicken with fresh coriander, green chillies and spice, Venchina lobster, Dosakaya yatamamsam – mutton cooked with tender yellow cucumber and chilli masala, Kaima menthukoora – minced lamb, Gongura royyalu – prawns simmered in creamy sorrel leaf puree with chillies, Pandumirapaakai kodi – chicken kadai fry, and Peethala pulusu – crab dish.