G.V.Ramana Rao

Plan to complete the work next month

  • The centre will have an exclusive operation theatre, blood bank
  • Union Government sanctions Rs 1.50 crores

    VIJAYAWADA: Tardy progress in completion of the new block in the Government General Hospital (GGH) has been delaying the establishment of a much-needed trauma care centre. Hospital authorities say a trauma care centre will be established on a priority basis, as soon as the new block is handed over to the GGH Development Society in December.

    The hospital development society has earmarked Rs 63 lakhs for the establishment of the trauma care centre with 10 beds and special equipment. The centre will have an exclusive operation theatre, blood bank and special equipment like pulse-oxy meters and ventilators needed for acute medical care ( Each bed will have an independent ECG monitoring equipment and oxygen supply.

    Accident cases

    GGH resident medical officer T. Anjeneyulu says accident cases from Nalgonda, West Godavari and Khammam district are being referred to the GGH because it is a teaching hospital with several specialists at its disposable. According to the hospital records, 301 trauma cases were registered in October.

    These cases, include patients who suffered severe injuries in road accidents, sports injuries and injuries that occurred at industrial and construction sites. Besides trauma cases, the hospital registered and treated 129 medico-legal cases (MLCs) in the month. MLCs that included drowning, poisoning and hanging have to be treated at the trauma centre, he says.

    Doctors and paramedics are unable to provide required care to trauma patients for want of proper facilities.

    Recognising the necessity the Central Government announced release of Rs 1.50 crores for development of the trauma centre in a phased manner.

    Ten or more hospital personnel will be on duty at the trauma care centre round-the-clock in six-hour shifts. More personnel can be put on duty as and when required, Mr. Anjeneyulu says.

    HDS chairman and District Collector Navin Mittal has been monitoring the progress with regard to completion of the new block. The contractors have been asked to hand over over the new block to the HDS in the first week of December.

    The matter would come up for review at the next HDS meeting.