“Though independence seems to be the norm at a personal level, it is the power of interdependence that the corporate world is tapping today. Supply Chain Management, which is a fast emerging functional area in management, is an excellent demonstration of these characteristics,” observed the speakers at the one-day national conference on “Emerging issues and challenges in supply chain management,” organised at GITAM Hyderabad campus.

The programme was organised by the Hyderabad Business School (HBS), a constituent of GITAM University.

Prof. B. Raja Sekhar, Registrar, University of Hyderabad, has highlighted the integral relationship between operations and supply chain management (SCM). Some of the trends that he identified in the area of SCM included- demand planning, globalization, increased competition, carbon credits, outsourcing, lean SCM, Green SCM, Business Analytics, handling Big Data, integration of e-SCM and smart sourcing. He has also demonstrated the complexity of modern supply chain process, which has become global in its scope and reach.

Mr. Sundar Narasimhan, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Neuland Pharma, explained the role of man, machine, method and material for good supply chain management. r, Prof. S.S. Prasada Rao, Dean & Director, HBS, and others were present.