Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Tanishq will launch a 22K=23K exchange offer at its showroom from Friday.

According to proprietor of Tanishq Boutique, Rana Uppalapati, a BIS survey revealed that 80 per cent of jewelers in India sold gold between 13.5 and 18 k as 22 k. This meant a consumer is paying for 22k but got only 18 k.

So, if the price of gold is Rs.1,200 a gram, the consumer suffered a loss of Rs.218 per gram.

Tempting offer

At Tanishq, consumers can exchange their gold valued at an extra karat over what it is actually worth, he said.

The boutique has a karatmeter which checks the karatage or purity of gold in three minutes in a most scientific, non-destructive test, he said.

The offer would last till August 16, he added.