G. Ravikiran

Survey comes out startling facts

  • K.B.N. students interact with nearly 1,000 families
  • The problem of dropouts is rampant

    VIJAYAWADA: Tadepalli, the 40,000-strong village panchayat on the banks of the Krishna and located 2 km from the city, is badly in need of a junior college. Though several rich families have got richer because of real estate boom, poverty and crime haunt the labourers' families and those belonging to `settlement' groups.

    A socio-economic survey conducted by the students of K.B.N. College during their recent 11-day NSS camp at the village brought out several startling issues.


    A vast majority of the people in the village expressed a desire for a junior college. This is reinforced by the fact that most of their children are not able to pursue Intermediate course.

    A small wish it may be, but the poor people of Tadepalli have no one to plead on their behalf for making their dream a reality. After the Prakasam barrage was closed for buses and heavy vehicular traffic, the local students had no means of transportation to reach the city for Intermediate and degree education. They have to travel a longer distance via Kanakadurga Vaaradhi.

    The K.B.N. students interacted with nearly 1,000 families in the village. Tadepalli has a population of 40,000, which is a fit case for its claim to be declared a municipality. But it is not even a major panchayat. There are four elementary schools and a Zilla Parishad high school. Ramakrishna Mission also runs a high school here, while three to four private schools are functional.

    The survey touched upon the health aspects also, which brought to the fore the adverse impact on the psychology of children. The problem of dropouts is rampant in all the Government-run elementary schools and the high school. The main reason for this is stated to be the fact that many children are staying with their grandparents. Their parents are either separated or living in remote places for a livelihood.

    The K.B.N. College conducted special camps on health and social issues. A large number of well-off families are said to be suffering from diabetes. Those from the poor families eke out livelihood by working in the city and surrounding areas.