AICC spokesperson P.C. Chacko has said that his comments on separate Telangana on Saturday were misunderstood and misconstrued. “Telangana statehood issue is very much on the UPA’s national agenda and that the party is aware of the sentiment of the people of the region and a decision would be taken as soon as the on going consultation process was over,” Mr. Chacko said in a statement on Sunday.

Under fire from own party leaders from the region and other parties, Mr. Chacko issued a lengthy statement on Sunday stating that his comments on Telangana yesterday at a press conference were misunderstood and misconstrued as if the issue was not part of the UPA’s agenda.

Explaining his comments, Mr. Chacko said he had been listing the various milestones and reforms introduced by the UPA in accordance to its manifesto and in reply to a question on Telangana, he said that is not part of the manifesto. He said some newspapers had then gone to report that Telangana is not part of the national agenda.

The remarks continued to evoke widespread criticism in the State. Nagarkurnool MP Manda Jagannath sought to know whether the remarks were made after his discussion with AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

TRS leader T. Harish Rao said the AICC spokesperson had once again proved that the Congress had no clarity on the sensitive issue. He reminded that the Congress leadership had recorded on several occasions that Telangana was in the UPA agenda.