Jayaprakash says TRS failed to win majority of PACS in Telangana region

Former MLA Adusumilli Jayaprakash, who has been championing the cause of integrated state, said results of elections to the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) clearly indicate that the farmers of Telangana region rejected the bifurcation of the State by not electing Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) directors.

In a statement here on Friday, Mr. Jayaprakash said that the TRS had won convincingly only in Nizamabad and Karimnagar.

In Medak, the party won in some number of PACS, but the PACS in which the other parties won were more in number.

These election results had blasted to smithereens the TRS claim that every village and every person in Telanagana region was for the State bifurcation.

Even in Warangal that was dubbed as the birthplace of all revolutions, the TRS won just one society and the story was the same in Adilabad and Rangareddy districts, he pointed out.

‘TRS draws blank’

The party did not win a single PACS in Khammam, Mr. Jayaprakash said.

The TRS leaders displayed the results of the RTC employees and Singareni employees union elections to show that Telangana sentiment was strong, but those results were not truly representative, he added.

The TRS managed to get majority in such closed circles through its false propaganda, but members of the PACS were people who were facing a wide range of difficulties in the agriculture sector, he said.

Farmers and rural voters were representative of the general population, he said.

The results of elections to the PACS clearly indicated that the rural people of Telangana were disgusted with the TRS which was raising false aspirations in them and was driving the youth to suicide, Mr. Jayaprakash lamented.