A three-member Swedish team on Wednesday held discussions with the Municipal Commissioner and heads of departments of the GVMC on extending technical support for biogas production with solid waste and sewage generated in the city.

Speaking to the Commissioner, Counsellor, Environment, Climate Change and Energy, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi, Mikhael Kullman, explained the modalities of technical support through a power-point presentation on various aspects like identifying joint project preparation group of GVMC, co-financing for pre-feasibility studies and the process of implementation of the project through a pilot study.

Solid Waste Management Expert Eric Ronnols presented the SWM model for Visakhapatnam based on the initial study during his visit in November 2010.

Interacting with the delegation, Municipal Commissioner V.N. Vishnu impressed upon the immediate need for biogas production with the available sludge in any of the three sewage treatment plants (STPs) maintained by the GVMC, preferably the 108 MLD STP at Narava.

He instructed the Chief Engineer to provide the technical details of all the STPs maintained by the corporation and preparation of pilot project for biogas production, initially for supporting fuel to the corporation vehicles and subsequent extension to support the transportation system in the city.

The Swedish support was necessary for pre-feasibility studies, equipment and financial partnership and the operation and maintenance will be looked after by corporation after necessary approval from the council.

Main objective

Mr. Vishnu expressed the view that the project would achieve the main objective of the project cost recovery by maintenance of GVMC vehicles in a specific period of time.

At the request of the Swedish team members, the Commissioner identified the Additional Commissioners of Projects and Finance, the Chief Engineer, the Chief Medical Officer (Health), the Chief City Planner, Bala Prasad, a professor of the Department of Engineering, Andhra University, a representative from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and HRD Consultant of GVMC as the joint project preparatory group. The delegation would meet the Commissioner and the Joint Project Group Members of GVMC and hold discussions for three days during their stay followed by field visits, and would arrive at a detailed plan of action for the project.

Ludvig Lindstrom of Swedish Energy Agency, Additional Commissioners S. Krishna Murthy, K. Ramesh and P. Poornachandra Rao, Chief Engineer B. Jayarami Reddy, Chief City Planner D. Venkataratnam, CMO(H) D. Abbulu, Prof. Bala Prasad and Executive Engineer (Mechanical) Rami Reddy, Environmental Engineer Praveena and HRD Consultant A. Rajendra Krishna participated in the meeting.

  • GVMC Commissioner sees need for biogas production in any of the three STPs
  • Joint project preparatory group constituted to work out detailed plan of action