ADILABAD: Adilabad Municipal Council on Thursday unanimously passed a Rs. 5.25 lakh surplus budget for the year 2010-11 at its budget meeting. The provisional budget envisages receipts of Rs. 13.49 crore while the expenditure is pegged at Rs. 13.43 crore.

The receipts for the year includes the annual income of Rs. 8.64 crore plus savings of five per cent at Rs. 43 lakh and government grants of Rs. 5.29 crore. Though the councillors approved of the budget they raised commotion on the fact that the municipality did not provide sufficient number of streetlights.

BJP's Jogu Ravi and others questioned as to why funds are not being allocated for the purpose though the municipality is on a tax collection drive. Commissioner R. Rambabu said the tax collection drive is under way and streetlights will be put up wherever needed in a couple of months time. Chairman Digambar Rao Patil also attended.