Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: An orthopaedic surgery on the hip of a 119-year-old man, according to voter ID, was successfully performed at a city hospital here. However, the wife and family friends of the patient, Gulam Ali Khan of Ratali village under Kamata panchayat in Koraput district of Orissa, claim that he is 138.

Mr. Ali Khan suffered the fracture at the neck of right femur six months ago. He came to Visakhapatnam for treatment on the advice of doctors at Koraput. Family members of Beevi Fatima, daughter of one of his old friends, took him to orthopaedic surgeon G.N. Srinivas at Vaishnavi hospital here during April.

Dr. Srinivas examined him and felt that a surgery could be done. “The patient himself is insisting that he should undergo surgery. He wanted to walk. During the examination we found that he had suffered a cardiac stroke in the past and that his left ventricle is not functioning well. He was also anaemic and was given blood transfusion. Surprisingly he recovered well to be fit enough to undergo the surgery,” Dr. Srinivas said at a press conference while explaining about the patient and the surgery.

Free of cost

“The surgery was a risky one but we want to make him walk,” said Dr. Srinivas. He also performed the surgery free of cost as it was a challenge and also a good gesture. The surgery was performed on May 11. The patient could walk on the third day after the surgery.

Mr. Ali Khan is originally from Afghanistan and settled down in Orissa, said daughter of his friend Beevi Fatima who lives with her family in the old city area here. He was selling clothes and was cycling for at least 12 km a day till a few years ago.

“His eye sight is still good, can hear properly and relishes all varieties of food,” said Ms. Beevi Fatima.