G. Ravikiran

‘Complete unanimity among students over support to Samaikyandhra’

BJP’s ‘Jai Andhra’ call draws flak

Students believe they have bright future in united State

VIJAYAWADA: The ‘Jai Andhra’ slogan seems to have no takers among students on college and university campuses, even as the Universities Joint Action Committee (JAC) reaffirms their firm resolve and readiness to agitate for Samaikyandhra stir at any time without falling into the trap of small, disjointed groups of leaders who want to revive the 1972 demand for a separate Andhra state without mass support.

The young people do not mince words in expressing their dissatisfaction with the Bharatiya Jantha Party (BJP) and some Congress leaders for trying to bring back the ‘non-existent’ Jai Andhra agitation. They say that there is no student, who is ready to support any agitation other than Samaikyandhra Pradesh, and that they will not allow leaders and advocates of the State’s separation to visit their campuses.

N. Karthik, who became co-convenor of the Universities JAC at a meeting held in Vijayawada during United AP agitation, says that there is complete unanimity among students over their continued support to the Samaikyandhra stir. He wondered as to how the Jai Andhra leaders can take forward their agitation without the participation of students anywhere in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

As one pursuing his Ph. D at JNTU Kakinada, Mr. Karthik took an active role in the pro-integration struggle when it was at its height. He advised leaders like Vasantha Nageswara Rao and Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah to respect the popular sentiments of the people and young generation before seeking their support for the division of the State. In his view, the bifurcation is impossible considering the fact that many more demands are coming to fore for separate statehood for Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra.

Single agenda

According to Universities JAC convenor V. Purushottam Chand, when the students went on indefinite fast in protest against the inglorious December 9 statement of the Centre, the singular agenda for which they were struggling for was Samaikyandhra Pradesh. “The same feelings of unity run deep on the campuses. Nobody can divert the students from their chosen path and they are totally for the unity of the State,” he asserts. The students’ firm belief is that they will have a bright future only in a strong AP that remains united despite threats now and then, says Mr. Chand, who is a student of Andhra University and who was here several times to mobilise wider support from youth.

Mr. Chand strongly objects to Amalapuram MP Harsha Kumar’s support to separate Telangana and he says that the students will not allow the MP to visit any university campus for his lack of sensitivity to their needs and sentiments.

Referring to the dominant feelings of the youth in favour of State’s unity, Universities JAC legal adviser Naraharisetti Srihari says that it is the duty of everyone to respect the aspirations and feelings of the young people at a time when they want to compete at global level for their bright future.