It was a vista of wonders opened for thousands of school children on Wednesday when the Osmania University Post-Graduate College of Science, Saifabad, invited them to the ‘Science Fair—2010' with the theme ‘Science for Progress' to commemorate its completion of 60 years.

At one go, the students could see and know what lay beneath the terra firma and what is above, what constitutes the material form of the world and what determines the invisible phenomena that rules its dynamics.

The fair also must have aided many students to make their career choices, as could be made out from their divergent opinions about which exhibition they liked the best.

“I found the Chemistry exhibits very interesting,” said Nagma Sajida, a student from the Government High School, Humayun Nagar, while listening keenly to the postgraduate student explaining about ‘Purple Benzene'.

Inaugurated by the Project Director of Rajiv Vidya Mission Mohd. Ali Rafat, the fair had six sections each by Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Botany and Zoology departments.

The Geology department had displays from its collection of 50 years which included fossils, various kinds of rocks, and precious and semi precious stones, apart from models explaining earthquakes, volcanoes, and rain water harvesting.

The Chemistry section attracted many by acquainting them with heady chemicals.

Zoology department too experienced throngs by virtue of its displays on evolution of mankind, and live and preserved samples of animal life.

“This is our attempt to reach out to the school children and teachers in order to inculcate scientific temper in them as well as encourage the former to cultivate interest in science. Apart from classroom work, we felt it our duty to disseminate ideas. Viewing the practical application will foster original thinking in children which was the secret behind all scientific inventions,” T. Parthasarathy, principal of the college, explained.

Nearly 10,000 students of classes VI to X from 100 schools visited the fair.

  • Nearly 10,000 students visit OU Post-Graduate College of Science
  • Event organised to commemorate the college's completion of 60 years