With the objective of spreading the twin message of reducing pollution while protecting our health, students of Karnati Ramamohana Rao Municipal Corporation School went around in a rally on cycles to in the main streets of the city on Monday.

Addressing the cyclists NCC commanding officer lieutenant colonel V.Ravikumar said that reduction in the use of motor vehicles by using the bicycle not only reduced pollution, but improved the health of the person who cycles.

He said cycling was particularly good for diabetes and obesity.

Diabetes Specialities Centre head Srikant said that cycle was one of the best exercises for persons suffering from diabetes and obesity.

The cycle rally that began at the Municipal Commissioners residence on the Mahatma Gandhi Road, went past the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Sikhamani Centre, Mogalarajapuram, Sunbhatila Centre, Ramesh Cardiology Hospital, Veterinary Colony, N.T.R.Colony, Bharathinagar, Gurunanaknagar, Siddhartha College and stopped at the Karnati Ramamohana Rao School.

He said that people should take preventive steps and see that they do not suffer from diseases like diabetes and obesity and run to hospitals then. Active Bicyclers Association general secretary V. Satyanarayana urged the police and merchants to ensure that the lanes dedicated for cyclists should be available to them at all times.