Celebrating the burgeoning scientific temper of children studying in government schools, a ‘Science Exhibition' was organised at the Mehboobia College, here on Saturday.

The exhibition was part of the ‘mobile science labs' project, undertaken by Project 511 along with Rajiv Vidya Mission. In 60 government schools which until recently lacked even basic laboratory facilities, the project has provided students access to full-fledged lab equipment. Manifesting the benefits of such practical learning as against rote-learning in several government schools, the exhibition witnessed enthusiastic participation of nearly 200 high schoolchildren from 47 government schools.

Subjects of physics, chemistry and biology got their fair share of display with the showcasing of hand-made models made by students. Concepts of electric conductivity, refraction, food adulteration and human anatomy among several others, were explained with great ease, eagerness and precision by students from Urdu, Telugu and English medium schools alike.

A detailed account of the atomic model, with contributions of Rutherford and J.J Thomson, by ninth class students of the Government High School (GHS) Jam-e-Osmania bagged the first prize . Students from the GHS Malakpet and CPL Amberpet secured second and third prizes for their models.