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Leaders drawn from 14 universities discuss their future course of action

People’s representatives asked to remain on high alert

To continue putting pressure on MPs and other political representatives

VIJAYAWADA: The leaders of Students’ Joint Action Committee (JAC) on Wednesday demanded that the MPs of all parties from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema be prepared to resign en masse in the event of any move by the Centre to bifurcate the State under pressure from the separatist forces.

Leaders drawn from 14 universities from these regions met here and discussed the course of action they had to take once the UPA Government started the process of wide-ranging consultations on the question of bifurcation. They cautioned the Andhra MPs against adopting any complacency in the matter and be always ready to put in their papers even at the slightest hint of a bifurcation.

A.V. Kishore Kumar, convenor of the JAC, told reporters that they were continuing the United AP agitation to prevent any effort from any quarter to defeat the objective of unified Andhra Pradesh agitation. He asserted that the people’s representatives should remain on high alert to protect the interests of the people of Andhra region without letting the separatist forces have their say in the sensitive matter.

The other leaders of JAC, who participated in the meeting, included Chinna Rao S. from the Andhra University, Waltair, and also Harikrishna Yadav from the Sri Venkateswara University (SVU), Tirupati. Student representatives from the Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU), Krishna University, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University at Kakinada and other places were present.

The JAC leaders deliberated at length on the issue of maintaining a steady momentum of the united AP struggle so that strong signals would go to the Centre about the seriousness of the situation in the Andhra region and the strong feelings of people here in favour of the continued unity of the State. They decided to continue putting pressure on the MPs and other political representatives to meet any challenge in the process, as the ongoing agitation for bifurcation might influence the decision makers at the Centre to some extent.

The JAC leaders asserted that united AP agitation was still dormant and it would bounce back with full fury if the Centre makes any decision in favour of the bifurcation under some pretext or another.

The students said that the so-called process of wide ranging consultations on the issue of separation of the State was not acceptable to them and there should be no effort of any sort to divide AP.