While the Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM) provides for a conveyance allowance of Rs. 2,500 per annum (Rs. 1,250 in two phases one in July and another in December) to middle and high school students in rural areas, many students have been left out of the scheme in Narayankhed mandal here in the district.

Twenty 22 students from Class VI to Class X from Gunukulakunta tanda in Narayankhed mandal completed their studies at the Government High School located at Hanumantharaopet, about six kilometres from their tanda, another 27 students had attended a school at Banranpally, about five kilometres from the tanda.

Neither the students nor their parents know that they were entitled to an allowance of Rs. 2,500 per year under the RVM towards transportation.

“The school is about six kilometres from here and our wards have to walk all the way as no transport is available. Not even auto comes to our village,” said Shantamma, mother of a student.

The same is the condition at Banranpally. The villagers said that 27 students had attended the school- about five kilometres from the tanda - during the last academic year and none of the students received any such allowance from the government.

However, the district officials have claimed that they have paid the allowance to as many as 860 students in more than 50 schools, coming from more than three kilometres in the case of upper primary schools and five kilometres in the case of high school students in the last academic year.

When asked, RVM in-charge Project Officer B.S.V.V.S. Murthy said that the conveyance amount was sanctioned to all the students whose names were forwarded by the headmasters and respective mandal education officers (MEO). He said that probably not all the names were forwarded by the officials concerned.

Narayanakhed Mandal Education Officer Bhim Singh said that he was not sure whether the names list was forwarded to the district headquarters and he would check the records.